logo2 smallThe PiratesWeek Podcast is no longer in production. The show was produced on a weekly basis from 3/05 through 12/13. It began as a weekly update on the news and postings of the Free Radio Network, the message board that served as the community gathering place at that time. With the addition of off air recordings, news bulletins, commentary and bits it evolved into its own radio show that was carried by pirate, college, and terrestrial (AM, FM and HF) radio stations in North America, Europe and Australia. The show was even briefly carried on (C band) satellite.

Like all good things the show had to come to an end as life placed time constraints on its operation and I was unable to devote enough time to continue it. But it does live on in archives, check them out below.

PiratesWeek 2005 Archiveheadphone monkey

PiratesWeek 2006 Archive

PiratesWeek 2007 Archive

PiratesWeek 2008 Archive

PiratesWeek 2009 Archive

PiratesWeek 2010 Archive

PiratesWeek 2011 Archive

PiratesWeek 2012 Archive

PiratesWeek 2013 Archive



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