Shortwave Pirate

This is the home of everything Shortwave Pirate Radio. Here you will find links to all the relevant information concerning free radio on the shortwave bands.

Check out a few of the Forums on Shortwave pirates: FRN, FRNA, HFU, Cafe

Real time pirate chat on the IRC.

Go old school and read a book: 40w from nowhereAccess to the Airwaves, Seizing the AirwavesPirate Radio Stations, Pirate Radio Annual.

Yeah we got your movies: Pirate Radio USA, Making Waves, Clandestine, Pump up the Volume, The Boat that Rocked,

Check out the legends of pirate radio yesteryear at the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

Meet some fellow radio freaks and geeks at the SWL Winterfest annual convention.









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