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  • No September Show

     Due to a variety of reasons there will be no show this weekend. Tendinitis flare up, lack of material, public drunkenness, flying monkeys, frost heave and uncommon gravity all conspired against me this week. We will return when we get all this sorted out.


  • The PiratesWeek Return!

    Looking at restarting the show on a monthly basis. Look for new shows the first Sunday of each month. Starting April 1st (No Fool’n).

    I can use all the help I can get-

    Email me pirate news stories:  piratesweek@gmail.com

    Upload your Off Air clips- Use the new File Upload link on the left sidebar

    (no need to notify me, I’ll see the new upload)


    Somewhat new format, same pirate radio goodness!






  • The Hall of Fame Spotlight

    Announcing The Hall of Fame Spotlight!

    ‭Promo DOWNLOAD

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    I know that many of you have been missing the piratesweek, and I have been asked by a bunch of you when I was bringing it back. Well, I may be doing that later this year but right now I am announcing a new show that will be debuting next week.
    That’s right.  Friday Night, January 6th I will be on WBCQ Area 51 following Allan Weiner Worldwide with my bran new show the Hall of Fame Spotlight.
    Allan usually  wraps up his show around 9:15 pm eastern or so and then I’ll be on after him, 5110 khz on WBCQ. I’ll also will be hosting the new shows a couple days later on Sunday mornings on piratesweek.info and they will be up on this feed.
    So tune into WBCQ, Area 51, 5110 kHz Friday nights a little after 9pm eastern and catch the Hall of Fame spotlight where we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best pirate shortwave radio has to offer.
    Until then, as always- thanks for listening.

  • Aint Dead Yet

    Still alive and kick’n. Hands are a little better and no longer in daily pain but still trying to keep off the keyboard as much as possible. So don’t look for any new Piratesweek shows any time soon.  HOWEVER, I do have plans on rolling something out this January. Not sure if it will be a Piratesweek . I have an idea for a limited run of a new show,  something similar and still firmly in the genre of pirate radio on shortwave. Look for more updates about that twoards the end of the year. Till then- keep your radios on.


  • Dry Dock

    I am sorry to say that the Piratesweek may have finally ran aground. Not sure what I’m going to do with the show. Due to a bad case off tendinitis I’m going to have to be offline for at least a month or more. I’m not in pain, just very sore. No surgery but i cant risk further injury for a ‘hobby’. The show takes 4 or 5 hours of computer time a week in research and editing and I have to save what keyboarding I can do for the day job.
    thanks to you who have emailed, I read them all but my replies lately are brief if at all, hope you understand.
    We set sail on this tour of pillaging in March of 2005. Had a lot of fun, and the reach of the show far exceeded my imagination. But for now I’ll just be listening and logging infrequently. Keep subscribed to the feed, I’m not ruling out bringing it back later this year maybe with a new format. But for now I’m putting her in dry dock.

    Thanks for listening