PiratesWeek 2/17/13

Low bit rate file can be downloaded on the FTP 24MB
Broadcast versions no longer available, ya get what ya get. F-BOMB Alert

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WEAK #615 RagnarPirates in the news this week include an arrest of a UK pirate, and a Florida pirate makes the news for possibly interfering with air traffic control. You will also want to check out the trailer for John Cusack’s new movie- Numbers Station.
‭Select postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly.
Off Air Recordings include the stations of: Red Mercury Labs, SDF1 Radio, XLR8, Frederic Chopin Radio, Wolverine Radio, Radio City from Europe and a brief clip of the studio copy from WEAK radio’s new show.
We’ll take a listen to David Lee Roth’s memories of growing up with radio in California (F-Bombs). Couple sites you may want to check out- World Radio Day that was discussed by the International Radio Report and Ears to Our World a organization that distributes shortwave radios to needy people over seas. Also “My LPFM”  and “Community Broadcasters Association“.
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