The Gulch                                                                                             Press Play —>

The Gulch is now on Global Tuners!

The Gulch is a streaming radio station providing live audio from a PCR1000. Default frequency is 6925 kHz, but changes as I chase pirates across the pirate bands.

The classic Winamp friendly Gulch Stream is Temporarily Down!!

The NEW low latency TEAMSPEAK stream is UP!!


pcr1000You can now control the Gulch via the Global Tuner Network


PCRremote software access is no longer supported.








I record many of the pirate broadcasts I hear.

This year’s are on the FTP site, previous years are in the archive.

Archived Off Air Recordings by year:

2012,2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Where the hell did I put 2011?



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